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About US detail
Superintendent, Wen-Huai Xie
Wen-Huai Xie
Professional Experiences
  • Doctor of Medicine,National Yangming University
  • Master of Information Management,National Chung Cheng University
  • Chief,Department of Surgery,Cishan Hospital,Department of Health,Executive Yuan
  • Chief,Department of Surgery,Sinying Hospital,Department of Health,Executive Yuan
  • Superintendent,Beimen Branch of Sinying Hospital
  • Vice superuntendent,Nantou Hospital,Department of Health,Executive Yuan
  • Vice superuntendent,Nantou Hospital,Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • Sub-Specialty doctor of Taiwan Surgical Association
  • Sub-Specialty doctor of Taiwan Surgical Society of Gastroenterology
  • Sub-Specialty doctorf of Taiwam Gastroenterological Society
Main Treatment
  • Hypatobiliary and Gaseroenterology Surgery
  • Beast Surgery
  • Thyroid Surgery
  • Emergency Surgery
Pursue the shelf

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 Chang-Hua Hospital,Ministry of Health and Welfare 
 TEL: (+886)4-8298686 
 EMAIL: dire@chhw.mohw.gov.tw  WEBSITE: https://www.chhw.mohw.gov.tw/english/ 
 ADDRESS: No. 80 Chung Cheng Road Sec. 2 Chiu Kuan Village Puhsin Chang Hua County  
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